Orbital offer a wide range of roofing services using both traditional and modern roofing methods ensuring the customer has choice and access to the best products available. Orbital have been members of the Federation of Master Builders for over 15 years and have built up a good relationship with the company which gives the customer complete peace of mind and satisfaction as works are subject to regular rigorous inspections.

Orbital are registered installers with certain products associated with SIG Roofing and Danosa and therefore can offer a high quality manufacturers guarantee. These accreditations ensure we are offering high quality products and peace of mind to the customer giving us an advantage in a competitive industry.


High performance torch on felt roofs have three layers that form a dense, voidless and impermeable barrier. When applied the layers of vapour dispersion and control membranes are sealed with graded roofing felts to guarantee a waterproof installation.

Natural Slate

We use new natural welsh slate for a clean, attractive and professional finish. Slate is strong and durable, non-porus and non-combustible.


Lead is as suitable a roof covering today as it was a hundred of years ago. Lead is soft, heavy, non combustible and is a poor conductor of electricity. Lead is also very resistant to corrosion.

Fibre Cement Slates

Fibre cement slates are a very lightweight, low wastage, environmentally friendly modern looking roof slate. Zeeland slates come with a dry vented ridge system.

Single Ply Membrane

Mechanically fixed and fully bonded single ply membrane roofing system has had a positive impact on the roofing market in the last 10 years and is becoming widely used. No heat is required which forms a good safety barrier and manufacturers research means they can offer a long lasting guarantee.

Concrete Interlock

Concrete interlock is a modern and highly durable material used in building and roofing. There are a number of choices of concrete plains and tiles to suit your property.

Cedar Shingle

Cedar shingles and shake roof tiles have been around for hundreds of years but still provide durability in all weather conditions and gives a very natural look.

Liquid Roof

Projects with difficult access, restrictive clearances, multiple or odd-shaped penetrations can prove very challenging for even the most adaptive roofing membranes. In such cases, a liquid applied option is an excellent alternative.

Plain Clay Tiles

Traditional clay tiles offer a good quality, all round option at a lower cost than the handmade tiles.

Handmade Heritage

Handmade clay tiles can be more expensive than other types of tile, but the character and authenticity they give a roof makes a big difference.